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From photos to 3D


Photogrammetry is a solution that combines photography and geometry to create three-dimensional models of physical objects, environments, or surfaces. This technology is made by collecting two-dimensional images from different angles and subsequently analyzing these images to calculate the spatial positions of key points on the photographed objects. Using position and angle information from images, photogrammetry calculates the three-dimensional geometry of the depicted object or environment.


Survey from the ground or from above
through drone and flight missions


No risk of damage,
indirect survey technique

High quality TEXTURE

Using full frame cameras and shooting in RAW format

fotogrammetria aerea

Drone survey


Orto photo



Quadcopter and FIXED WING SAPR


Aerial photogrammetry is a specific application of photogrammetry that involves the acquisition of aerial images from generally remotely piloted vehicles in order to generate three-dimensional models of terrain, cities, natural environments and more.
Aerial photogrammetry is particularly useful when large, detailed coverage of an area is needed and when precise 3D information is essential. The availability of drones has made aerophotogrammetry more accessible and affordable, allowing a wide range of industries to benefit from this technique for collecting accurate spatial data.


We try to capture reality

nothing else